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What is medication compounding?

Medication compounding is defined as "the preparation, mixing, assembling, packaging and labeling of a drug as a result of a practitioner's prescription." This means that we can adjust the flavor, dose, or method of ingestion (liquid, gel, capsule, etc.) of a medication based on the specific needs of the patient.

Why might you or your pet need a compounded prescription?

Medication compounding can be extremely helpful when a patient is unable to take a medication in its regular form. For example, a toddler may require medication but may be unwilling to take the commercially available liquid drug but unable to swallow pills. Our compounding pharmacist could make a custom solution, a sweet flavored suspension compounded with the correct dose of medication that the toddler would be more willing to take.

Another common example of successful compounding can be seen with pets. Many pet owners are unable to get their pets to take medications, or have stories of injury (to pet and owner) when attempting to give pets crucial medications. With a prescription from any veterinarian we can compound pills or capsules into pleasant tasting liquids. We have many flavors, ranging from beef, chicken, bacon, liver, cheese, peanut butter, and even a special "triple fish" smoothie for our feline friends! Cats have a very sensitive sense of smell and can smell a medication before it is near their face, so the enticing smell of the "triple fish" smoothie masks the medication smell. There are even some medications that can be made into a gel and applied to the inner ear of your cat or dog. The medication is absorbed through the skin, so there is no worry as to whether or not the pet swallowed the whole dose or not.

With an order from your physician, we can compound medications that are not commercially available. Custom tailored medications can then be prepared. With our amazing array of flavors, strengths, and methods of ingestion there is sure to be a choice that works in even the most unique situations. Compounding pharmacists can also prepare smaller quantities of medications that are typically only stable for a short period of time.

Please feel free to call us or stop by to see if our Medication compounding would be helpful for you, your family, or your family pets.

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