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Tamiflu (oseltamivir) 75mg Capsules Over the Counter

The overview below shares key information related to Tamiflu as well as its key mechanisms of action and cases of application, alongside with comparative analysis of side effects and precautions.

What is Oseltamivir Phosphate

Tamiflu (oseltamivir) represents an antiviral drug that works by blocking the influence of influenza virus type A and type B on human body. Tamiflu is applied for treatment of flu symptoms resulted from influenza virus in patients with symptoms occurring for 2 days and below. This medication may also be administered for prevention of influenza in patients who under risk of exposure, but do not exhibit any symptoms yet. Tamiflu is not suitable for treatment of common cold, hence alternative medications should be identified.

Tamiflu is directed for treatment of acute and/or uncomplicated condition caused by influenza A and B infection in patients of 2 weeks old and above, who have been exhibiting symptoms for 48 hours or less. Tamiflu is prescribed to patients of 1 year old and above, who have prophylaxis of influenza A and B.

Tamiflu oral suspension and capsules can be administered with or without food; nevertheless, the overall tolerability can be improved if Tamiflu is administered with meals. The suggested oral dosage of Tamiflu to treat influenza in adults and adolescents of 13 years and above, is 75 mg 2 times a day (one 75 mg capsule or equivalent of 12.5 mL of oral suspension two times a day) for a total duration of 5 days.

Tamiflu generally comes in the following dosages: 30 mg, 45 mg and 75 mg capsules, whereas oral suspension has the suggested dosage of 6 mg/ml.

Oseltamivir Side Effects

Tamiflu (also referred to as Oseltamivir) alongside with desired effects, may also result in serious side effects, which should be acknowledged and properly monitored in order to avoid any harm to patient’s wellbeing. The list of serious side effects includes the following:

  • shaking and/or tremors
  • abrupt confusion
  • hallucinations
  • abnormal behavior

Seek for immediate medical assistance, if you experience any of the abovementioned symptoms. On the other hand, the most common side effects caused by Tamiflu are:

  • vomiting
  • nausea
  • headache
  • pain

Continuously monitor your health conditions during treatment cycle of Tamiflu and do not hesitate to report any deviations from norms to your healthcare specialist, so that you can receive a timely assistance and protect yourself from any adverse consequences.

author: Tony Olivier, Pharm D.