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Stephen Choi, Pharm.D.

Stephen Choi, Pharm.D., is a dedicated pharmacist who provides exceptional care to the community of Newhall, California. Stephen is a valued healthcare practitioner at Valencia Town Center Pharmacy (NPI: 1073938114) because of his experience and dedication to patient well-being.

Stephen decided to pursue a career in pharmacy because he is passionate about the industry and patient care. He earned his Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) at the North-West College West Covina, giving him extensive training in patient counseling and drug administration. His commitment and effort paid off when he received his pharmacist license.

As a valued member of the healthcare team at Valencia Town Center Pharmacy, Stephen plays a vital role in ensuring the safe and accurate dispensing of prescription medications. He rigorously examines doctor's instructions to ensure patients get the right drugs and amounts. Stephen educates patients on their drugs, including adverse effects and correct use, as part of his commitment to patient safety and well-being. He thinks informed people make healthy choices.

In addition to dispensing medications, Stephen is actively involved in conducting health and wellness screenings. By providing these screenings, he helps individuals identify potential health risks and offers guidance on preventive measures to maintain optimal health. Furthermore, Stephen is dedicated to promoting immunizations and contributing to the overall well-being of the community.

Stephen Choi's professional expertise extends beyond the pharmacy counter. He stays current on pharmaceutical and healthcare developments. He ensures his patients get the best treatment by integrating the latest evidence-based methods into his practice via continual education and professional development.

The NPI profile for Stephen Choi, Pharm.D. is 1801450754, visit his personal Linkedin page.

Stephen Choi's dedication to patient care, commitment to continuous learning, and compassionate approach make him a respected and trusted healthcare provider in Newhall, California. His expertise and genuine care positively impact the lives of his patients, ensuring their well-being and improved health outcomes.

author: Tony Olivier, Pharm D.

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