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The key objective of article below is to share important information regarding Nolvadex, summarize its mechanism of action, analyze precautions as well as possible side effects.

What is Tamoxifen (Nolvadex)

Nolvadex represents a prescription drug taken to cure the Breast Cancer symptoms. Nolvadex can be administered on its own or in combination with other drugs. Nolvadex originates from a group of medications referred to as Antineoplastics, Estrogen Receptor Antagonists. Nolvadex is a nonsteroidal antiestrogen.

Nolvadex (also referred to as tamoxifen citrate) shows efficiency in treatment of metastatic breast cancer among women as well as men. Premenopausal women who have metastatic breast cancer, take Nolvadex (tamoxifen citrate) as a substitute to oophorectomy or ovarian irradiation. Existing evidence suggests that patients who have tumors that are estrogen receptor positive, are have higher chances to leverage from therapy with Nolvadex.


Patients diagnosed with breast cancer, are advised to maintain daily dose of 20-40 mg of Nolvadex. Dosages exceeding 20 mg/day are to be administered in divided doses (taken in equal proportions in the morning and evening).

Nolvadex Side Effects

Adverse side effects caused by Nolvadex are in general comparatively minor and seldom sufficiently severe to result in cessation of treatment for patients with breast cancer. Continuous clinical studies have indicated the incidence of side effects caused with Nolvadex in comparison to placebo.

Don’t hesitate to inform your healthcare practitioner if you experience any of serious side effects listed below:

  • vision alterations (e.g., blurry vision)
  • pain in eyes
  • easy bleeding/bruising
  • mental/mood swings
  • swollen feet/ankles
  • abnormal tiredness
  • symptoms of infection:
    • fever
    • persistent soreness of throat
  • signs of liver disease:
    • vomiting/nausea that doesn't cease
    • appetite loss
    • abdominal/stomach pain
    • yellow skin/eyes
    • dark color of urine

A strong adverse allergic reaction to Nolvadex is rarely observed. Nevertheless, seek for immediate medical assistance if you exhibit any symptoms associated with a serious allergic reaction, such as:

  • skin rash
  • itchiness/swelling (specifically around the tongue/face/throat)
  • acute dizziness
  • problems with breathing

Where to Buy Nolvadex

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author: Tony Olivier, Pharm D.